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RPA has proven to be an affordable and innovative solution to tackle a pool of repetitive tasks and move skilled employees higher on the value chain to utilize their skillset and allow them to pursue their career goals. However, after the POC and/or pilot stages of RPA implementation, many organizations face challenges related to operations and sustainability of developed RPA portfolio and struggle to reach a profitable level of scalability. In long-term, creating a Center of Excellence allows organizations to take control of their automated processes and  realize the full potential of efficiency created via RPA.

Several years of experiences as an internal provider of RPA solutions allowed us to develop a comprehensive portfolio of approaches for variety of customers with different automation goals and various long-term target models, including creating an internal Center of Excellence or possibility to outsource this responsibility and join our CoE. In our organization, we understand RPA and RDA not as a product but as a range of services that combined maximize value added and provide highest potential for scalability for both – us and our business partners.

• Viable business models for an RPA Center of Excellence
• Setting up quality standards and organizational processes for development and implementation of RPA solutions
• Strategies for minimizing risks related to RPA
• RPA solution scalability – internal and external
• Platform excellence

Budget Management + ROI
Change Managment +Transformation
IT Infrastructure + RPA
Piloting RPA + Proof of Concepts
Process Management + Mining + RPA CoE
RPA + IA Governance

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